6 Best Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner Liquid

Here we are sharing Best Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner Liquid Top Selling on Amazon.

1. Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner Liquid, Citrus

6 Best Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner Liquid

Lizol is the country’s No.1 household cleaning brand Highly recommend by Indian Medical Association. Lizol is guaranteed that it will kill 99.99 percent of the bacteria that cause disease and also germs, while leaving your home smelling fresh with a myriad of smells. This cleaner gets rid of 100 kinds of stains and Germs and also leaves a pleasant fragrance. The variants available include Pine Floral Citrus, Jasmine Lavender, Sandal, and Neem. Sizes include that include 200 ml,500 mg, 1L 1.8L Refill 2L, 5L, and. #Reckitt Benckiser calculation is based upon the data provided through NielsenIQ via their Retail Index Service of the Cleaners’Floor Category. Value for the 12 months ending the 30th of June, 2022 in the India (U+R) market. (Copyright (c) 2022, NielsenIQ). Disclaimer: “When used as directed”

2. Amazon Brand – Presto! Disinfectant Surface/Floor Cleaner

We are introducing a brand new line of Surface cleaners made by the world-renowned brand Presto! This Surface cleaner will keep your home clean and free of germs. It kills 99.99 percent of germs. * This surface cleaner will remove tough stains, ranging from ketchup, coffee, mustard sauce, soy sauce, olive oil, etc. It’s simple to use and will keep your hands protected. It creates a fresh scent throughout the space after using. This Presto! disinfectant surface cleaner is employed either directly or in diluted form. It is a good choice for various surfaces, including ceramic tiles, floors, countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. For areas that are lightly stained wash using Presto! with water. If you want to clean the areas that are heavily soiled you can use the product undiluted. Our disinfectant range of cleaning products for surfaces is available in five fragrances – citrus, floral pine, jasmine, and lavender. *Post 5 minutes of contact with the undiluted product.

3. Pidilite T16 Roff Cera Clean Professional Tile, Floor & Ceramic Cleaner

A few people swear by traditional homemade remedies such as vinegar mild acid solution, bleaching powder. However, these aren’t the correct products and probably harm the appearance of tiles. It is recommended to stay clear of the use of harsh chemicals on marbles and tiles in order to eliminate dirt or stains and keep the shine.The most effective method to get the stains off of marbles or tiles and maintain their shine is to apply the correct cleaning product.

* Using a product like Roff Cera Clean can help since it was specially developed to clean tiles and ceramicwares e.g washing basin. Its pH is balanced to eliminate the tough stains caused by paint and hard water and keep your floors looking new and will last for many years to come.

4. Nimyle Eco-friendly floor cleaner that includes Power of Neem for 99.9 100 % anti-bacterial protection

Nimyle natural is natural cleaning agent for floors that draws potential of the neem. Its unique formulation infused with powerful neem guarantees 99. 9 percent elimination of germs, providing hygienic protection for your entire family. A lot of home care products contain chlorine-based actives that are susceptible to break down, resulting in gaseous reactants that can be dangerous if mixed with other cleaners that contain acid within the house as well as exposed to harsh temperatures of extreme heat. The cautionary or warning statements of the product’s manufacturers on their packaging are evidence of this fact. The drawback of these active systems is further highlighted by the other negative effects they cause like prolonged exposure to these chemicals in certain circumstances could result in risks to human health and the release of chlorine-based actives into the ecosystem could impact marine life and cause a variety of other threats to the environment over the future. Nimyle is a product that offers advantages over traditional chlorine-based systems. Nimyle is a disinfectant that contains natural ingredients that provide 100% natural action. It has a good cleaning effect and is safe for apply to floors, making it clean and safe for your family. 100% natural action, base of in vitro research.

5. Herbal Strategi Just Mop Herbal Floor Cleaner Liquid

  • Absolutely Herbal: Herbal Strategi’s Just Mop is made entirely from essential oils that are derived from plants like Lemongrass, Pine Oil & Cedar wood oil that have disinfecting properties. They also aid in keep insects away.
  • The product is tough for Germs & Gentle on Environment: Just Mop is made to assist you in cleaning your home and protect it from grime, dirt insects , and bacteria. While it is hard on germs and dirt It is also biodegradable i.e. is broken down into harmless components after disposal.
  • Safe for your loved ones We are here to help your needs and your family members and friends, and we do not leave anyone out. Our products are suitable for skin care and free of harmful ingredients to keep your children and pets secure.
  • Refreshing fragrance: Lemongrass has soothing effects and it isn’t just used as an antibacterial in our product, but also repel insects and leave behind the scent of freshness.
  • Soft and Safe: Plant-based hypoallergenic, hypo-allergenic cleaner that’s an absolute must for families that have pets or children.

6. Gainda Premium White Floor Cleaner

  • PINE OIL DEEP WHITE FLOR Cleaner: Gainda white floor cleaner is made with pine oil, and has proven to be an extremely effective cleaner. It assists keep your floors spotless and free of bacteria. The homogeneous blend comprising phenolic components, pine oil, and an emulsifier that resulted in a off-white and white shades.
  • EFFECTIVE cleaner with strong odor White disinfectant phenyl is formulated to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs. It has a strong odour. can be directly applied to spots to clean, or mixed with water to use on toilets, hard surfaces drains, etc.
  • No AMMONIA or MERCURIC COMPOUNDS This white disinfectant fluid doesn’t contain any harmful components such as mercury or ammonia so it is not a risk in any way. Produced with the highest quality and according to BIS guidelines, it has been proven safe for use.
  • Clean and scratch-free Surface: As a fantastic cleaning and germicidal product, this white liquid has the ability to cleanse any hard-surface without leaving streaks of dirt or water. It’s a powerful cleanser that eliminates germs and keeps the surface clean and hygienic.

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