How to Reduce White Hair Naturally at Home – Problems and Solutions

How to Reduce White Hair Naturally at Home - Problems and Solutions

Getting gray, white, or silver hair is a natural part of growing older. White hair is typically a sign of aging. But, when you notice them in the teenage or early age of 30, it’s often disheartening. Your skin is carpeted with tiny chambers called hair follicles. These follicles give your hair its color through … Read more

Best 10 Sulfate Free Shampoo in India 2021

Best 10 Sulfate Free Shampoo in India

You may be hearing many hair care brands yelling from the housetops about their ‘sulfate-free’ and ‘paraben-free’ hair care products. You may not take them seriously, but the buzz is of course for the right reasons. Most of the commercial shampoos contain sulfate as a foaming agent that creates lather in your shampoos. But they … Read more

Top 10 Antifungal Shampoo in India for both men and women

Best Antifungal Shampoo

Dealing with fungal infection on your scalp? Fungal infections are common and affect people of all ages and all genders. They are caused by some type of fungi called the scalp ringworm, which can give you severe itching and superficial scaling. Besides, when left untreated these infections may even lead to hair loss and baldness. … Read more

Best 10 Mild shampoo in India for Hair Fall

Best Mild Shampoo in India

Which shampoo do you use? Have you ever read the list of ingredients of your shampoo? Remember, not all shampoo work for your hair. There are many toxic chemicals in them that are linked to illness, irritation, hair fall, etc. It may do a lot of harm to your hair if you are unknowingly using … Read more

10 Best Shampoos for hair fall in India 2020- Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Shampoos for hair fall

If hair fall is your personal nightmare then you must be finding ways to prevent your hair. Scalp infections unhealthy lifestyle products with high chemical component and hormonal imbalance are just a few of the reasons that may cause hair thinning and hair falling, your useless hair care products contribute a lot to this, a … Read more