Names of Different Types of Salwar Kameez or Suits। Different Styles of Suits Designs

Names of Different Types of Salwar Kameez । Different Styles of Suits Designs:

Getting dressed up in classy attire is something every woman would love to do. Whenever you near an occasion, you might be searching for something special that will enhance your beauty.

Names of Different Types of Salwar Kameez

A list of different churidar patterns will help you to choose the best and the right one suitable for you. The names of different types of salwar kameez are given below.

1. Straight-cut salwar suits:

Straight-cut salwar suits Designs

this is a common type of attire that will give you a simple and yet neat look. It can be worn on an everyday basis, for officer college. This straight-cut suit has a fitting top with the pant and dupatta perfect for the top.
This suit will give you a slim and tall look and is the best option for women with short and stout bodies. They are available both as party wear and as normal wear.

2. Palazzo suits:

Palazzo Suits

if you are someone who loves to try different styles once it hits the market, then this is the suit you are searching for. The palazzo suits or Sahara suits are a blended version of western fashion and Indian tradition.

It is the most recommended suit for those who are bored with trying the age-old salwar kameez for years together. These palazzo suits, with the free bottom, will make you relaxed and cool. This is the best option for women who have a lanky and tall figure because the skirt-like palazzo pants will add volume to the lower half of the body.

3. Punjabi suits:

Punjabi suits

this is a classic and lovely design of all the other suits. It has a short-length kurta that will end up right above the knee accompanied by Patiala pants or dhoti-style pants.

Patiyala pants are more common nowadays. They are generously pleated and it was first worn by royals in Punjab. The pleats in Patiala pants start from the waist and fold behind the legs.

Dhoti-style pants are something that was designed with the inspiration drawn from dhotis. This is the traditional Indian dress for men and it also has several pleats starting from the waist and folding behind legs thereby forming a u shape.

4. Anarkali suit:

Anarkali suit

when it comes to trying different styles of suit designs, the most popular suit recommended will be the Anarkali suits. It is a perfect fusion of modern trends and Indian culture. With more flares, the Anarkali suits will not fail to give you an astonishing look.

5.Floor-length Anarkali:

Floor-length Anarkali

this suit without a doubt will give a royal appearance to the one wearing it. This is best recommended for stout women because the full-length Anarkali will help them cover all the body flaws and gives them a slender look.

6. Frock-style Anarkali:

Frock-style Anarkali

this will be short and fitting and the women with a lean figure and who have not many curves can try this.

7. Front-slit suits:

Front-slit suits

This design has hit the market now and it is the most popular design on-trend. The slit will begin from the middle of the salwar, possibly from the naval section. The bottom is usually normal churidar pants or maybe skirts.
This is the best fit for women with tall and lean and authentic figures. If you have a heavy lower-half, then go for materials like chiffon or georgette so that it will look slim when worn by you.

Shorter women need not worry. Just select a pair of high heels and enjoy the ethnic front-slit suit whole-heartedly.

8. High low anarkali suit:

High low anarkali suit

this is something that will spike your interest if you are interested in showing off your legs. The suit is designed in such a way that the front side of the suit will be higher, only a little below your knee while the backside of the suit will completely cover your legs.

This won’t be a parallel suit you will be wearing, but it is sure that this will be a great and trendy suit that will make you proud of having worn it.

9. Jacket style salwar kameez:

Jacket style salwar kameez

this different churidar pattern will surely make anyone jealous just by looking at you. The kurta will be flared till ankle length with an added jacket that will be nibbed.

If you are interested, you can wear a jacket and if not, you can always feel comfortable with just a kurta. This is a promising suit that will lend you an elegant look without fail.

10. Double layered anarkali suit:

Double layered anarkali suit

this suit has a two-layered extra flare, giving you a stunning and classy look. Women with any kind of body figure will look lovely in this attire. This is something not-to-miss attire and it is the must-try option for every woman.

11. Lehenga style salwar suit:

Lehenga style salwar suit

lehengas are the latest trends today. But, not all women love to wear lehengas. What if salwar kameez and lehenga are blended together? Won’t they make a great option for women?

With flared lehengas that cover you entirely till the bottom from your waist and a long kurta on the top will never fail to give you an amazing look. This is the perfect combination for women who love to wear churidar with a flared skirt.

12. Pant style salwar suit:

Pant style salwar suit

this is recently at the top of the market. Women love to wear a little shorter and straight pants that end just above their ankle accompanied by a long kurta. This will be an amazing suit and it can be used as both party wear and formal wear.

13 Cape style salwar suit:

Cape style salwar suit

do you want to look modest? Then try out a cape-style salwar suit without fail. With a cape that covers the top of the salwar, this suit is a classic option that will keep you effortless and give you a modern look.

14. Sherwani style salwar suit:

Sherwani style salwar suit

This is some kind of Kurti that evolved from the Mughal era, but it is admired by all women until now. The top will look like a coat that ends below the knees. These are perfectly accompanied by straight and fit pants that will make you look gorgeous.

Names of Different Types of Salwar Kameez

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