Top 10 Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs with Dots (Bhogi, Surya & Mattu)

The harvest festival of Pongal is approaching soon! People of Tamil Nadu celebrate this auspicious festival with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Pongal is considered the most auspicious among farmers. As a part of the rituals, people of Tamil Nadu make beautiful and attractive Pongal kolams at the doorstep of their house. Kolams are an integral part of this festival. Usually, Rangolis are made as a part of cleaning and decorating the home. Traditionally kolam depicts the various aspects of the Pongal festival, their rituals, and their beliefs. People are also painted in it like a bull, which is related to the third day of Pongal called Maatu Pongal. On this special day, farmers worship the cattle that helped them.

Top 10 Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs with Dots (Bhogi, Surya & Mattu)

They are fed the cow and bull with Pongal and taken to the village where men race each other’s cattle. So, looking for some interesting kolam design options for Maatu Pongal? If so, then just have a look at this. Here are some wonderful and latest rangoli designs to help you to make your Maatu Pongal special.

1. Flower Kolam Design

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Floral kolam rangoli in vibrant colors will surely make you stand out in any kolam competition. One of the biggest advantages of floral kolam is that it is very simple and easy to execute. Several frames are interconnected to create beautiful and magnificent floral designs. Want to make your floral rangoli look even extraordinary? You can incorporate festive motifs like bulls, cows, butterflies, sugarcanes, peacocks, etc. Then, decorate your kolam with beautiful flowers such as rose, marigold, daisy, and bring out bold and vibrant colors like saffron, red, orange, and olive green.

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2. Earthen Pot Kolam Designs

Mattu Pongal Kolam
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This rangoli is one of the top Pongal kolam designs that truly give the essence of Pongal. Usually, women know how to make a creative design on the Pongal pot kolam seasonal rangolis. You can easily create several earthen pots in various styles and shapes. For example, if your doorstep base is smaller, you can try 4 earthen Pongal pots at the corner with a spectacular lotus flower in the center. Try this design to make this mattu Pongal festival more special.

3. Mirror Kolam Rangoli Design


This rangoli design is a minimalistic design which is a huge rage among all age groups. The greatest advantage of this design is that you don’t need much skill and talent. You can even make delicate mirror kolam designs by incorporating some symmetrical designs. Brewing pots, flowers, cows, and sugarcanes are the main components of this kolam design. Damn sure, it is sure to bring out your creative best.

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4. Surya Kolam Design

Rangoli for Pongal festival
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Planning for some offbeat trends in kolam designs? If so, just try out this Surya kolam Rangoli for Pongal festival. Of course, Surya kolam rangoli design is a must-have kolam design for the pooja day. Nowadays, this type of kolam design is available in various sizes in the form of stickers and posters, making it a convenient choice for urban areas. This traditional kolam rangoli design has stood the test of time. One of the most striking features of this design is that it is very classy and elegant as well.

5. Paper Cutting Kolam Design

Paper Cutting Kolam Design

Looking to create a simple and easy Pongal kolam design? Then this one is the best option for you. In this kolam design, sweet Pongal pots and stands of different shapes are drawn and cut out using color papers. After that, you can decorate the paper cuts with floral petals or colored rice powders. So, try this paper cutting kolam design to indulge your kids in some creative activity.

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6. Mattu Pongal kolam with dots

Mattu Pongal kolam with dots

This Pongal kolam with dots pictures has four cows faced in four directions and a simple flower appears in the center of the kolam. Just try it with your family members or your friends and add some fun to the festivities. This type of rangoli design gives devotion towards occasion, mixed dark-colored offer attention with appreciation.

7. Welcome Pongal Kolam Design

Welcome Pongal Kolam Design

The auspicious festival of Pongal comes with good luck and the beginning of the cheerful harvest season. The welcome Pongal rangoli design is the beginning of new good thoughts in your life and also a welcome greeting to everyone. So, embellish your doorstep with this simple and colorful Mattu Pongal kolam design. Don’t forget to add Tamil Pongal wishes to your kolam design.

8. Big Mattu Pongal Kolam Designs

Big Mattu Pongal Kolam Designs

This kolam design depicts a village Mattu Pongal festival in a very symmetric and colorful way. You can use a lot of colors to make the kolam beautiful. Try this Pongal kolam to share happiness and prosperity. Damn sure, it will make your home look brighter and more beautiful if you are done using proper colors.

9. Traditional Mattu Pongal Kolam Design

Traditional Mattu Pongal Kolam Design
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If you are looking for a more traditional rangoli design for this Mattu Pongal, then you are going to love this authentic kolam design which represents the rituals of Pongal very well. It is one of the most popular Mattu Pongal kolam designs that have the designs of cow, sugarcane, sun, and other important stuff required for Pooja. It is quite easy to draw but you have to outline first via white chalk.

10. Colorful Pongal Dot Design

Colorful Pongal Dot Design

This traditional Pongal kolam with dots design uses multiple colors like yellow, red, pink, and blue. Four sweet pots and mixed vibrance colors can give an amazing look at the entrance of your house. The Pongal dot kolam can be made together with your family members. Of course, it is a must-try option for you to add some vibrancy to the celebrations.

Final Thoughts

Make rangoli at the entrance of your house on this special day to attract good vibes and blessings of the Gods and Goddess. The above-mentioned kolam designs can be easily made using colorful rangoli powder. Let celebrate this auspicious festival with these colorful and creative kolam designs by your doorstep. 

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